Past Courses

Jun ’10

Advanced Copy-editing & Effective Project Management

Editors looking to progress in their careers need to know more than the rules of punctuation and grammar. This stimulating workshop looks at the issues and problems that confront editors who work or want to work at a more advanced level and provides you with proven strategies to deal with the challenges that are faced by senior editors. Details
May ’10

Tamil Editing Workshop (In English)

Editing of Tamil texts, be they short stories, novels or poems, is a rare phenomenon in the Tamil publishing world. When we look at the publishing standards in other languages, especially in English, we can see how much Tamil publishing needs to catch up. Even Nobel Prize winning authors in English need and have editors to fine-tune their books before they are published. Details
May ’10

The Basic Principles of Book Design and Production

This two-day course is for editors, new designers, picture researchers, marketing staff who deal with freelancers, or anyone needing an overview. The course assumes that you are familiar with the terminology of editorial processes and publishing generally. Details
May ’10

Publishing Finance for Non-financial Managers

An understanding of the numbers and an ability to manage the key tool in business – money – is critical for business and personal success. This one-day course is for anyone in publishing who wants to understand the basics of finance and budgets in a publishing environment. Details
Mar ’10

Market Research for Educational Publishers

Understanding who your market is, and how to find out what they want is a skill set no publishing professional can afford to be without. So, when you see ‘market’ in the workshop title, don’t immediately think that this is just for marketing people. Marketing needs to be in everybody’s job description; from the one who answers the phone and the conscientious deskbound editor, to the sales people who keep our cash flowing, and the CEO who decides where to spend it. Details
Feb ’10

The Internet as a Tool in Education

This workshop aims to explore the development of these technologies with a view to helping educators to realise the potential of the Internet to deliver better education and learning experiences. The workshop will also feature some of the information literacy skills needed by a 21st century learner. Details
Nov ’09

The Art of Story

Throughout the course we will cover writer's motives for telling great stories, plus other more practical issues like how to achieve the writer's mindset, and the use of templates for the effective planning and execution of your stories. Details
Oct ’09

Legal Issues in e-Publishing

This half-day workshop will introduce participants to the intellectual property and contractual legal issues that commonly arise in the field of e-publishing. Details
Jun ’09

Writing, Publishing & Promoting Your Book

To be an author, you naturally have got to write a book. Yet writing a book is often the most daunting stage. At this session, you’ll learn a step-by-step organisation plan for nonfiction book writing. Details
Jun ’09

How to Freelance & Article Writing

Learn effective methods for selling magazine and newspaper articles, and how to craft compelling feature articles from a professional freelancer and writer. Details
May ’09

The Business of Publishing for Editors

This two-day workshop is primarily for experienced editors looking to develop their skills for managerial roles in the publishing industry. The objective is advancement from the process of publishing to the business of publishing and coverage includes roles in publishing services management; acquisitions and list management; publishing programme development; and, general management. Details
May ’09

Editing Essentials

In this workshop, editorial novices and veterans pit their wits against a comprehensive test of editorial competence set at international levels and incorporating features of tests set by publishing houses and media firms. Details
Apr ’09

Contract Rights in the Publishing Industry

This workshop will introduce participants to the basics of contract law. Participants will also learn to understand and identify the different rights that exist in publishing and the relevant clauses in publishing contracts. Details