Past Courses

Mar ’11

Digital Licensing and Distribution

This workshop will teach you about business models, licensing versus distribution, negotiations of contracts and other learning objectives that publishers should know about publishing. Details
Feb ’11

Freelancing As A Writer & Features Writing

Learn how to write three kinds of features articles: Personality profile, trend and commentary and review. You’d also learn how to pitch your story ideas to magazines and how to get them published. Details
Jan ’11


This workshop aims to broaden the participants’ powers of observation, imagination, and language skills. The main focus
will be on developing skills through theme based activities which will help to boost the writer’s confidence and their ability
to write and express themselves clearly and creatively. Details
Nov ’10

Literacy Instruction for Delayed Readers

This workshop introduces participants to the Pause, Praise and Prompt (PPP) Approach to reading instruction. Research has shown that the use of PPP Approach is capable of bringing about increased gains in reading proficiency of students not reading at age appropriate levels. However, an important prerequisite for success of the Approach is that it is implemented effectively. Details
Oct ’10

Digital Marketing and e-Commerce in Publishing

Online and digital media represents a completely new way of establishing relationships with a marketplace, and requires new approaches to sales and marketing. This workshop presents an overview of some the key principles in development a new approach to marketing for a digital customer-base. Details
Oct ’10

Digital Product Development in Publishing

The advent of digital media brings both opportunities and challenges in product development. This workshop, intended for publishing professionals in the areas of production, design, and editorial development, provides an overview of concepts and challenges involved in digital product development. Details
Oct ’10

Developing a Digital Strategy in Publishing

This session is directed toward publishers and other senior managers with profit and loss responsibilities for publishing or other content organisations. Publishers understand the need for the development of transformative digital strategies to respond to the changing dynamics of the digital marketplace. This workshop provides a foundation for developing a digital strategy. Details
Aug ’10

Approaches to Teaching Singapore Anglophone Literature

This workshop offers a survey of some of the major representations of Singapore, ranging from works produced at the historical moment of its inception as a territory to contemporary writers’ expressions of individual and collective identity and experiences unique and particular to Singapore society and culture. Details
Jul ’10

The A-Z of Book Marketing with Brett Osmond

Learn how to market a book in the 21st Century! Through this interactive workshop, you will learn the full range of promotional tools: publicity, book design, pricing, distribution, selling materials, events and festivals, digital marketing including social media and online advertising. Details
Jul ’10

Dealing with Academic, Educational & Technical Works

This day-long workshop will enable you to approach these challenges with more confidence. In particular, you will learn methods for dealing with large, multi-author projects, where several editors may have to work on the text at once. Details
Jun ’10

Advanced Copy-editing & Effective Project Management

Editors looking to progress in their careers need to know more than the rules of punctuation and grammar. This stimulating workshop looks at the issues and problems that confront editors who work or want to work at a more advanced level and provides you with proven strategies to deal with the challenges that are faced by senior editors. Details
May ’10

Tamil Editing Workshop (In English)

Editing of Tamil texts, be they short stories, novels or poems, is a rare phenomenon in the Tamil publishing world. When we look at the publishing standards in other languages, especially in English, we can see how much Tamil publishing needs to catch up. Even Nobel Prize winning authors in English need and have editors to fine-tune their books before they are published. Details
May ’10

The Basic Principles of Book Design and Production

This two-day course is for editors, new designers, picture researchers, marketing staff who deal with freelancers, or anyone needing an overview. The course assumes that you are familiar with the terminology of editorial processes and publishing generally. Details
May ’10

Publishing Finance for Non-financial Managers

An understanding of the numbers and an ability to manage the key tool in business – money – is critical for business and personal success. This one-day course is for anyone in publishing who wants to understand the basics of finance and budgets in a publishing environment. Details