Past Storytelling Courses

Jul ’17

Wonders of wordless books

What can you do with a picture book without words? There are limitless storytelling possibilities for participants to engage children in a creative story-building process. Details
Apr ’17

Telling stories to teenagers

Learn to tell stories to teenagers for them to manage matters involving fear, kindness, empathy, self-acceptance and open-mindedness in their lives. Details
Aug ’15

Did I hear you write?

This workshop will show how speaking, listening and reading activities can be woven into the writing process, to engage pupils in a holistic language learning environment. Details
Aug ’13

How to teach using comics

Comics are good at grabbing attention from younger learners, and some teachers are interested in comics as part of their classroom teaching. After all, a poorly-drawn Hello Kitty may be more appealing than a photo of famous real people! Details