Past Writing Courses

Jul ’15

Fiction writing (advanced)

Develop and perfect your craft! Aspects of fiction writing such as plot, dialogue, character, setting and pace will be featured, along with more advanced topics such as semiotics, allegory and symbolism. Details
May ’15

Essentials of screenwriting

Come learn the fundamentals of screenwriting and see your characters and storyline being transported from print to screen. Details
May ’15

Catalyst: releasing new writing

This workshop will help you to perceive the world and the objects around you in a new fashion so as to fuel your creativity and give impetus to new writing! Details
Apr ’15

Characters through action

The workshop is aimed at helping writers understand and refine how they depict characters particularly through the use of action. Details
Jan ’15

Appreciating contemporary poetry

Learn about the sense, structure and recurrent themes in contemporary poetry which will give you the necessary tools to appreciate and write it. Details
Nov ’14

Flash fiction writing

Learn exercises to hone your skills in writing flash fiction which can run anywhere between 6 to 600 words! Details