Past Writing / Illustration Courses

Nov ’14

Flash fiction writing

Learn exercises to hone your skills in writing flash fiction which can run anywhere between 6 to 600 words! Details
Jun ’14

Fiction Writing (advanced level)

The Advanced Fiction workshop aims to help writers who already have a grasp of the basics of writing fiction further perfect and develop their craft. Details
Apr ’14

Structuring Stories for Picture Books

In this workshop for adults, learn strategies to support young children in creating a picture book. Learn the 5Ws necessary for the storyboard and the story stages to produce your very own picture book. Details
Apr ’14

Online Copywriting and Search Engine Optimisation

This course provides a thorough understanding of how to write good copy online and create content that gets ranked well for relevant online searches. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities around digital content. Details
Feb ’14

Write Better at the Workplace

This is a course for anyone who aspires to communicate more effectively in a business setting. Learn the 5Cs of effective writing which are namely being Clear, Concise, Coherent, Correct and Courteous. Details
Feb ’14

Write Your Own Picture Book

With adult help, children can create their own books, even children still learning to read. In this two-hour workshop for a parent and a child pair, participants make their own books. Materials to make the book will be provided. Details