Past Writing Courses

May ’13

Advanced Fiction Writing Course

The Advanced Fiction workshop aims to help writers who already have a grasp of the basics of writing fiction further perfect and develop their craft. Aspects of fiction writing such as plot, dialogue, character, setting and pace will be featured, along with more advanced topics such as semiotics, allegory and symbolism . These aspects of writing fiction will be explored via collaborative and solo exercises in the workshop. Details
Apr ’13

Catalyst: Releasing New Writing

Established local theatre practitioner and writer Verena Tay will help you perceive the world around you and the objects that surround you in a new fashion so as to fuel your creativity and give impetus to new writing. Details
Apr ’13

The World of Historical Fiction: Making History, Writing It

Author, novelist and short story writer Anu Kumar will take participants through the different kinds of historical fiction found within the genres of romance, adventure, memoirs and medium of apps, films and plays. Participants will also learn how to use research material in writing fiction and experience a 2 hour intensive exercise in writing historical fiction. Details
Mar ’13

Advanced indexing

This one-day course is primarily aimed at indexers, but editors who are either involved in commissioning indexes and need to assess the finished index, or are also responsible for the creation of indexes will gain substantially from this course. Details
Mar ’13

Introduction to Indexing for Editors

This course is designed as an introduction to indexing for editors and assumes no knowledge of indexing concepts at all. Editors or editing students who would like to develop a basic understanding of indexing will benefit greatly from this one-day course. Details
Mar ’13

For Writers: Pitching your work and engaging the right agents

Learn warm up exercises for writing, developing believable characters, dialogue and plot imbued with your personal style. Also learn about acquisition, finding the right agent, perfecting your pitch, knowing what a rejection letter is really saying and exploring other means such as writing for hire, co-authoring and research writing. Details
Mar ’13

Fun with Creative Writing

Ideal for Primary and Secondary School teachers, this workshop will delve into creative writing strategies which can be used in classrooms. Details
Feb ’13

Freelancing as a Features Writer

So you've always aspired to be a freelance writer? And you want to develop your nose for news? Here's where you can begin your journey! Felix Cheong, award-winning poet and journalist, will be your guide through the basics of journalism. Whether it's journalistic etiquette and conduct, preparing questions for and conducting interviews or how to write different kinds of articles, Felix will systematically take you through the process, using a multi-media approach. Details
Dec ’12

Writing Workshop Catalyst: Releasing New Writing

Relax! Catalyst is here to inspire you! Established local theatre actor, director and writer Verena Tay will help you perceive the world around you and the objects that surround you in a new fashion so as to fuel your creativity and give impetus to new writing. Whether you are a new or seasoned writer, Catalyst will stimulate your senses and spur you to write text infused with unexpected textures to grab the imagination of your readers. Details
Nov ’12

Developing Bilingual Picture Books

This workshop is ideal for writers who want to understand how to develop plot and language to create an unforgettable story for young readers aged 0 to 6. Both Bilingual and monolingual writers will benefit from all aspects of the workshop. Participants need not have a background in illustration. Details
Oct ’12


This workshop conducted by Professor Shirley Geok-lin Lim will focus on Singapore English-language literature in historical and sociological contexts, with a concentration on contemporary writing; and including strategies for teaching expressive writing, academic writing and critical thinking skills alongside texts. Details
Oct ’12


If you want to write a memorable and moving story about a special person in your life, this workshop is for you! Local writer Katherine Seow, author of ‘Seven generations and counting’ will teach you how to make this special person come alive in your very own words. This workshop will focus on honing your skills in seeing, listening, writing and sharing what you’re written to become a better memoir writer! Details