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Whether you write for work or leisure, our writing courses will motivate you to fine-tune what you do! Published authors and writing coaches conduct workshops ranging from young adult fiction, fantasy fiction to creative non-fiction such as memoirs and feature articles. Learn what sets good writing apart from bad writing, discover your writing voice and how to organise and edit to bring everything together into a wholesome piece.

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In the age of 'Instagram points' and commercialisation of traditional hospitality seen in the rise of Airbnb, what can a travel writer now write about? Details

Does your copy convince YOU? Is it vivid and engaging, or are you guilty of using tired adjectives such as "comprehensive" and “essential"? Perhaps you would love to write more exciting copy, but you simply don't have the time to do so, or your colleagues feel that the copy is not "appropriate" for your products. If you can relate to this, join us at this fun workshop and prepare to feel liberated! Details

Email is now the primary channel for marketing communication, yet reader engagement has never been more challenging. How can you be sure that your results are as good as they can be? And how do you persuade new potential customers to sign up, open up, click through – and do all of this on a regular basis? Details