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Yew Chin

Yew Chin, who is better known by her pseudonym You Jin, is a highly experienced writer. She is a voracious reader of Chinese literature. She submitted her first literary work, I Wish to Be a Fairy Tale Writer, at the age of 11, to a Singapore Chinese-language newspaper, which subsequently published it. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree (first-class honours) from the Nanyang University’s Chinese and Literature Department in 1973. She started work at the National Library. After three years as a librarian she became a journalist and later an editor at Nanyang Siang Bao, a Singapore Chinese-language daily newspaper. In the 1980s, she embarked on a new career as a teacher, teaching at a secondary school and subsequently in a junior college. She is presently a freelance writer. Though she has been a librarian, journalist and a teacher, it is in the literary arts where she has achieved her greatest acclaim and fame.

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